Residential Lifting Equipment 4.5m 1ton Hydraulic Material Lift

Residential Lifting Equipment 4.5m 1ton Hydraulic Material Lift
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Product: Supply LCD Display Screen Lifter Lifter significantly depending lifter lifts LCD desktop computer lifter

Model: ZS-SA17 Brand: Sounds of Heaven
LCD Display Screen Lifter lifter lift the monitor stand
Guangzhou Tianyin LCD lifter is designed for advanced conferencing systems, held at the general meeting, desktop monitors fell flat tidy; multimedia conference held at the time, according to need, individual, group or all rise for display multimedia information, including meeting content, information presentation, image information and so on. Widely used in video conferencing systems, video conferencing systems, financial analysis systems.
Products using synchronous orbit lifting principle, smooth running, low noise. LCD screen has automatic power-off protection. Machine total by two motor control: a lift and automatic door control, a control angle adjustment. Panel switches are beautiful, durable membrane switch. Customers may need to produce decorative panels, easy installation, nice, modern advanced video conferencing system ideal equipment used.
The product supports RS-232 communication protocol, which enables remote control via the control. Meanwhile product also supports wireless connection control, with freedom grouping function.
1. electrical components waterproof protection
2. Automatic pitch angle function
3. LCD automatic power on / off function
4. lifter way time is less than 40S
5. Automatic door switch function, connected via RS232 communication cable and control the keyboard or the centralized control system, remote control unity
Technical indicators parameters
1. Control: Wireless remote control distance: 30 meters
2. Display tilting angle: ≤12 °
3. Working temperature: 0-45 ° C
4. Relative humidity: less than 80% (20 ± 5 ° C)
5. Color: matte black, brushed aluminum, brushed stainless steel
6. Bearing the weight of LCD: 8.5KG
7 .. Maximum power: 25W
8. Power supply voltage: AC110V - 220V ± 5% 50HZ
9.Require the installation of screen size: less than or equal to 520mm* 70mm*380mm



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3: Product Features:
3.1 Appendix:
(1), the button set (surface of the machine has been installed)
(2), the power line
3.2 advanced features:
(1), a radio network controller (optional)
(2), the packet radio network can be accessed by the control system and the remote control
Note: Please note that before the machine is powered using protective grounding checks to confirm the reliability of the ground ...
3.3 System Features
* Lifter can lift lifter switch, remote or central control folder achieve
* LCD screen automatically after the elevation rises
* When dropped, the LCD screen automatically power back to a vertical position
* Hoist-way time of less than 40S
* Automatically closed lower after the LCD
* Optional LCD
* Can be connected via RS485 or 232 communications cable to control the keyboard or centralized control system, remote control unity
3.4 Technical Specifications Parameter
Control: Radio 315M
Remote distance: 30 meters
Display tilt angle: ≤15
Working temperature: 0-45 
Relative humidity: less than 80% (20 ± 5 )
Color: black brushed aluminum, brushed silver, brushed stainless steel, carbon steel brushed black New: brushed silver brushed black
Weight: 10KG New: 7kg
Power Range
Power supply voltage: AC220V ± 10% 50HZ
Maximum power: 25W
1) basic operations:
By manual controller up, down, stop, and tilt adjustment operations.
2) remote control:
Remote control can write code to control the operation of the hoist single, single-arm, multi-station, multi-group.
3.5 easy to learn code:
(1) remote control to select groups: There are five LEDs on the remote control, each individual indicator light on the corresponding (group) of the lifter to write code and independent (group) of operation. Five indicator lights when the full realization of all (five groups) of hoist operation.
(2) Turn on the power lifter and manual power controller, press the Select button on the remote control to select the appropriate combination lifter groups.
(3) key while holding down the rise in the manual controller and the stop button, the elevator at the back of the light is flashing. Press the remote control on the back of the hand nib E key, when the light stops flashing, indicating a successful write code. Can be operated on the lifter.
3) centralized computer control operations:
(1) the controller is correctly connected to the computer, turn on the central controller, power lifter, take a good lifter manual controller, pull out the antenna controller.
(2) to find the open control computer, the 3.5 floppy disk COPY to control the computer and open the software, select the appropriate COME connector and computer control group.
(3) Press the manual controller up key and stop button, lift the back of the light starts flashing, click Control computer learning key. You can write code to complete the operation of the hoist is operated through a computer.